I am so incredibly grateful that you are here visiting this site right now.   It’s been my dream to create a company that makes a difference in the world.  With tremendous support from my family, PassItOnword® was created from a real life experience that changed me. While visiting a dentists’ office I watched an older woman lovingly caring for her impaired sister who was in a wheelchair.  I could tell the dental procedure she endured had taken a toll on both of them.

The concern and compassion the older woman showed toward her sister was so real it touched me, and I spontaneously gave her an angel stone I carried for luck with my best wishes.  The look of gratitude in her eyes was priceless, and it truly was the inspiration to create what is now Project PIO, LLC otherwise known as PassItOnword.

 My hope is PassItOnword can inspire you to pay attention to the little things that transpire in your everyday life.  Encouraging you through our stones to take action, and let people know you notice.   

The journey this company has taken me on is still unfolding, and I thank you for being a part of it. 

With much Gratitude,




Our Mission:  The goal of this company is to start a movement! We believe “One word and one action CAN make a difference.”   We want to make a difference too. We have partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and charity: water to donate a portion of our proceeds (1% or $.19), with every newly registered stone. The customer chooses the charity!