Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered please contact us at admin@passitonword.com.

Q: After I pass my stone to someone else, do I continue to post stories?

A: No. Once the stone is registered to another user, you can no longer post stories. You can read all of the stories as your stone continues to travel.


Q: How do I read more stories than the featured ones?

A: Create an account at PassItOnword.com and login to access all of our stories on the “browse our stories” link.

Q: How do I change my Avatar and select my own picture?

A:  Go to "My Account" in the top menu bar. This will take you to your "Dashboard" select "Edit" Contact Information then select "Browse" on the far right, under Avatar. You may now upload yor picure.


Q: I registered my stone but it's not appearing in the "Stones In Ciruclation Map."

A: If your zip code is in the same as another, you will need to  zoom in multiple  times. The marker bubble will start to reveal itself behind another marker. To see your username tap on the marker.


Q: What can I do if I see an inappropriate post?

A: Click on the “flag this post,” follow instructions, and it will notify an administrator for removal.


Q: What happens if my stone travels to different peopleand then it is given back to me?

A: Re-register your stone, and post your stories.


Q: What if my dog eats my stone?

A: Your dog should log on and register the stone!


Q: How do I place a large order?

A: Read about large orders in our “Organzations” link. Use the “contact us” link to customize your order.

Q: How do I donate to a charity on your website?

A: The first time a newly purchased stone is put into circulation and registered on the PassItOnword website, a donation will be madeYou will be given a choice to a select the charity that most appeals to you. Please see “our charities” link for our current options.

Q: If I pass my stone on, how will the next person know what to do?

A: You may purchase our drawstring bag with insert card to store your stone. The insert card tells the passitonword story.  Otherwise they can log on to the website and click on the "What is PassItOnword" link.


Q: What happens if my stone breaks, does the stone's journey end?

A: No. Contact us at admin@passitonword.com. You can purchase a new stone and we can assign a new serial number to link to your current stone.  The stone will continue on it's journey.